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Land of the Umpqua

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Land of the Umpqua

Motel 6 Roseburg economy lodging in the Land of the Umpqua



What is the "Land of the Umpqua?"

Motel 6 - Roseburg is proud to be your economy lodging host in the Land of the Umpqua. But, what exactly is the "Land of the Umpqua?"

"Umpqua" can be translated "thundering waters,""across the waters," or "satisfied" - as in a full stomach. Ancestors of the Umpqua, Southern Molalla, Yoncalla, and Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Native Americans lived in what is now Roseburg before Mt. Mazama erupted forming Crater Lake. The Native Americans were moved to reservations in 1856. As Europeans bought reservation lands, the tribes further fragmented to become farmers and ranchers in the Umpqua Valley.

Because of the many hills and valleys in Douglas County, the Roseburg area is also called the "100 Valleys of the Umpqua."

And, contrary to popular belief, Roseburg was not named after the flower. Roseburg's name comes from a man called Aaron Rose, a New Yorker who, in 1850, traveled here over the Applegate Trail, which extends for 100 miles through Douglas County.

Our friendly staff at Motel 6 - Roseburg is proud of our community and would be happy to give you advice on exploring the many attractions and activities in the Land of the Umpqua!




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